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Atkinson Robotics & Technology Integration Corporation (ARTIC) is a Veteran Owned Small Business based in Fairbanks, Alaska focused on work related to transitioning of unmanned systems technologies to everyday practical applications. We provide Unmanned Aircraft Systems engineering, civil airspace integration, logistics, test, concept demonstration and operations support.

Our Customers

ARTIC is partnered with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Geophysical Institute, in a Public Private Partnership to support the operations of the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integrations (ACUASI), and maintains facilities and staff in Fairbanks and other locations. Additionally, ARTIC is conducting research related to various sensor technologies to be carried on Unmanned Aircraft.  

Current efforts include conduct of SBIR efforts in ARTIC provides U.S. Air Force unmanned aircraft supportsupport of U.S. Air Force needs for volcanic ash sensing using unmanned aircraft and airborne particle sensing for manned aircraft.
Latest ARTIC News:

Atkinson Robotics Technology Integration Corporation, in conjunction with Atkinson Aeronautics & Technology, recently held the first of its kind, training event on unmanned aircraft program development for a group of over 20 public safety professionals in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

This training is designed to give the attendees a baseline of knowledge regarding what an unmanned aircraft program can and cannot do for a public safety department, provide basic reference information for program planners, and answer questions regarding the pitfalls of developing such a departmental capability. Future training events will be offered regarding this topic of interest.

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ARTIC is based in Fairbanks, Alaska


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